Since our pets are a big part of my life, and they always appear on my social media. I thought I’d create this page, so you can get to know them and you’ll know who is who. I’ll introduce them from oldest to youngest 🙂

I hope you like it…

First, we have Bijou. She is 8 years old (from the year 2010). Loves to sleep and likes to be lazy. She also loves to sleep in the sun.

Doesn’t eat cat treats, weird but true 🙂 She’s a very quiet cat, so I can’t tell you much about her. She is healthy but we have to keep an eye on her weight, when she was younger she was a little bit overweight, but it’s good now.

Then we have Fener,  7 years old (from the year 2011) and his name comes from, the name of the Turkish soccer team Fenerbache. He’s the only male in the house.

He likes to cuddle, eat, sleep, and can also enjoy sleeping in the sun. He can complain quite a bit if he doesn’t get his way, and keeps whining until he gets a treat.

Our Toulouse … Toulouse is 5 years old (from the year 2012) and the most frightened cat we have. No idea why, I’m pretty much the only one that can hold and/or pet her.

But now that we have Mila (dog) she changed quite a lot and is also less frightened. Now everyone can pet her once in a while. But she stays on her guard.

She also likes to sleep, doesn’t always eat cat treats because she is quite a picky cat. She has a teddy bear (a cow) which is her favorite bear to play with.

Then we have our Mellow, she is 5 years (of the year 2013) and is quite a model. Where should I start? Haha.

Mellow is a very playful cat, she likes to run through the apartment, jumps against the walls, chases flies, loves food and sleep. If you think of going to the kitchen to eat something, our Mel is on the first row.

She’s a very sweet cat and loves to cuddle. She adores Mila (dog) and always cuddles with her, they are so cute.

Mellow has had cancer when she was younger and also underwent surgery, she’s doing very well now.

The last cat we have is Nala, just like Mellow she’s 5 years (of the year 2013) but is 2 months younger than Mellow.

Nala is the baby in our household. She LOVES to cuddle, if you don’t give her any attention, she just comes to ask for cuddles, whatever you are doing, or she starts to “sing” yep, our Nala likes to sing. All day long, especially at night. And when you call her name, hoping she would stop, she just starts again.

She likes to play, sleep, and she also likes to drink water from the tap, running water is her favorite. If you go to the bathroom, she will run by you to be there first. Even if you are in the bathroom with the door closed, she meows until she is allowed into the room.

Nala is also the cat that sleeps on my bed, she has her own pillow above my pillow. If I wake up at night or have a nightmare, she puts her paw on my head to say that it’s okay. I really love her, she is such a sweetheart.


I LOVE all our cats, of course, and they all have a special place in my heart. Our cats are officially my mom her cats, but I also take care of them because I still live at home.


And then last but not least we have Mila.

Mila is neither my, nor my mom’s dog, she is my sister’s dog, but she also, still lives at home, that’s why you see Mila so much on my social media.

Mila is 3 years old (from the year 2015) and is a pug. She is a sweetheart, loves cuddles, food, sleeps in bed. Yup she sleeps in bed, depends on which bed, sometimes my sister her bed, my bed or on our mom’s bed. Mila is also Mellow’s best friend.


As I already said, I love all our pets and I’m probably the one that spoils them the most, Hehe.

So these are our pets, do you have pets?

Love, Vanessa

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