Hello + New blog



I’m Vanessa (Nessa for short) and I was originally blogging on wordpress.com  https://nessahappyplace2.wordpress.com/

Now I had 2 blogs one in Dutch and one in English.

I wasn’t happy with it and also wasn’t happy with blogging on the free wordpress.com platform. So after a lot of research I decided to buy a domain and start blogging on wordpress.org. They have a lot more features and I can create a blog to my heart’s content.

Also, I will be blogging in English, my English isn’t perfect but I’ll learn throughout this blog journey.

I’m still not happy with how everything is looking so far. As you can see I started from scratch so I’m still working on it.

I also decided to not include my previous post from my other blog.

I would say… Let this new blog journey begin.

Love, Nessa

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