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Happy new year + little update

Happy New Year !!!

I know I haven’t been posting recently, sorry.

But I’m working on blog posts and I have so many ideas but have no idea, how to get them from my head on to paper.

Also at the end of January I’ll normally would have my certificate to be a beautician, but I already know I failed my theoretic. And I need to do the theoretic class again, boring, but yeah. I’ll probably do some other classes too, like makeup and such but I’m not sure yet.

Ok back to blogging, so as I said, I have lots of ideas, I just need to write them down. Which is apparently a very difficult thing for me to do.

I’ll also continue my 21 days challenge, just don’t post every single day, I live a very chaotic life, so I can’t really plan. I’m trying to plan stuff but it’s a challenge for me.

So this was a little update, I wish you all an amazing 2019 xx

Have a good night or day x

Love Vanessa x

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