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Get Gorgeous – Day 2: Getting advice from the women who inspire me

For day 2 of the beauty 21 challenge, I need to take a look around me. Who inspires me? Who did I look up to, growing up? What did I learn from the people around me?

A little bit of background information about me…

Well, honestly growing up, I didn’t really have time to “look up” to certain people. My mom raised me and my sisters mostly alone, so of course I needed to help out too, since I am the oldest.

I am not the person that likes to talk about “family”.

Family to me is all the people I care about, weather they are blood related or not. Only my mom and sisters are family by blood.

Family to me, is everyone I care about.

All the other people I call “family” are people that I got to know over all the years. Most of them are people I met lately, and most of them are seniors.

Yes… I adore older people, I just love being around them and learning from them. Hence why I volunteer at the senior center.

I’ve learned so much these last hmm lets say, 2 years. And they also all support me in my studies.

I also have met new friends who, to me, are like family too. Met most of them through my Instagram or in school.

Actually I’m a very closed person.

Always the girl in the background. Never really friends with anybody. The friends that I had, growing up, I didn’t let to close to me. Don’t ask why, I still don’t know myself after all this time.

Since a few years now, I started opening up to people more. Let them in my “closed bubble” and I am happy for that.

Probably, wouldn’t be writing all this, or even having a blog, if I didn’t open up. So yes, I am grateful for opening up to people.

But enough background talk, this chapter is about people I look up to…

Let me think… Who do I actually look up to?…

I look up to older people mostly. Because they have so much to tell, so much I can learn from.

People say that I have an “old soul”. I, myself, think I was born in the wrong generation or time period. I love the “old times”. Does any of this makes sense? Sorry, I don’t know how to explain.

Hearing stories from the elders gives me a good, nice, happy feeling. Wishing I was there, you know?

I’m probably rambling right now. That’s what happens when I don’t know how to explain something.

Oke then, let’s move on…

How did I become, who I am today?

Over the years, I collected inspiration from everywhere, everything and everyone. When I read something that was interesting to me, I kept it in mind. Did I see something I liked, I remembered it.

All the things that I found interesting, I bundled up in me and fantasised about it. That’s how I put together a whole new “world – person” that I looked up to.

This may sound weird, but I’m a dreamer, mostly a daydreamer. And I always went and still go to this “place” inside me.

The place that inspires me… The place I created for myself… My happy place…

I can’t share an inspiration tree with you, because I don’t have one. I’m a dreamer and will always continue to dream. And I will always be inspired by everything and everyone around me.

What I can do (and maybe I will) is make a collection of things that inspire me.

I probably didn’t do a good job at chapter 2 huh? But please understand that not everyone has someone to look up to. Yes I’m raised very well by my mom and I do look up to her, but she is my mother. So I don’t think that counts, right?

I’ll stop rambling now, I wish you a good day or night x

Love Vanessa xx

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