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Get Gorgeous – Day 1: Getting started


I finally have 2 weeks vacation from school! So I’m going to be blogging more, hopefully. I do have some photos ready for blogposts, but the lightning really sucks at the moment.

I’m starting with this 21 day challenge, from the book Get Gorgeous.

I took a long time to post this. But I choose to post it and share all of this with my followers. It’s not always easy and I, sometimes, had a hard time writing these posts, but now, I’m ready to share. And maybe, I can inspire some people too.

Day 1 is all about “getting started”, so let’s start…

This book is “a guide to more self-knowledge and self-love“. A guide to changing, evolving, finding yourself and sharing it with others. Now “why 21 days”, you may ask, well, it’s been said that it takes 3 weeks to change a habit.

Let’s see if I can change my habits, and find myself through this challenge. I’ll be blogging each day to share my journey of these 21 days with you. Let’s accept this challenge…

Day 1; Getting started – My personal assessment.

First impression…

In the first chapter, I need to take stock of who I am today. This needs to be done before I start making changes.

First I need to take a good look at myself, my imperfections, and my weaknesses. (A few pages into the chapter there is a page for writing all this down).

Writing all these things down helps me keep track on how much ground I have covered throughout this challenge and the progress I make. I need to be straightforward when confronting my flaws, this way I’ll do a better job at correcting them.

Be honest with yourself from the start: there’s no point in lying.

The book says: “Please understand: you are not judging yourself or dwelling on your flaws here, but getting to know yourself better. All the information you’ll jot down in this notebook will remain OUR SECRET.”

This is totally up to you if you, yourself do this challenge. I choose to share it on my blog. Because for me it gives me more encouragement, and I hope to inspire others too. So this is absolutely not a challenge that needs to be shared! You or in this case I, CHOOSE to share my journey. With that said, let’s continue…

I can choose to take photos of myself from “today” or I can measure myself. Honestly, for me this is a challenge, because at the moment I’m not really feeling good looking at my body.

Also I’m on a workout mission to get my figure back. It’s not that I need to lose lots of weight. I just want to get back in shape.

I will not share my photo nor my meassurements in this post because I don’t have them now. I’ll take them tomorrow morning and include one of them or both in my post for tomorrow.

Oke, moving on…

Looking at oneself, from head to toe, is a first step. But to truly assess oneself, well, you have to get inside your head.

“What does it take to gain a sense of well-being? We only live once – unfortunately – and taking care of ourselves and those around us helps make life better. Happiness is not an end in itself, but a path, a road, a way to live.”

Visualizing myself at my best, being demanding, having an ambition, and seeking to evolve every day… Are some of the keywords I need to live by from now on.

Some questions the book gives to connect with myself. (no I don’t like them nor do I want to answer them. But if I want to feel better, I think it’s good to answer them) Because the point of this exercise is not to feel guilty but to reset the clocks. It’s apparently a good way to figure out where I stand.

  1. How can you hope to feel beautiful if you’re feeling down? I honestly don’t know
  2. How old are you? I’m 28 (don’t remind me)
  3. What have you accomplished? Nothing I really want
  4. What are your goals? I don’t really do “goals” but if I need to write something down, it’s that I want to be happy with who I am
  5. Are you happy? Yes and No

I also need to get rid of everything around me that I find displeasing. Because it’s never too late to do the right thing!

And to identify the nuisances in my daily life, note them down, so I can change them. Clear my mind and pay attention to my real needs.

So the last question is…

“In 21 days, are you ready to change for the rest of your life?”

Yes… Yes I am.

This was the first day of the 21days challenge. I hope you liked it.

Can’t really think of anything else to say…

So I ‘m just gonna wish you a nice day or night.

Love, Vanessa xx

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