Deauty box August unboxing


So yesterday I got my Deauty box in the mail. Well actually, I didn’t exactly get it in the mail, I had to go get it in the postoffice.

But oh well, I’ve got my hands on it so I’m a happy girl.

The Deauty box I got was a limited edition one for the month of August. Normally it’s with a subscription but this one was “a one time only” box for €20. So I thought it would be fun to order one. I used to have a subscription with them, but since I got the feeling, after a year, that it kinda was always the same, I unsubscribed.

Deauty box only delivers in Belgium. But there are quite a lot of Beautyboxes out there, and they all look so much fun, but sadly not all of them delivers to Belgium. Bummer


Oke on to the “what’s in the box” part…




This is what the box looks like. When I open the box, first thing, I see is a little bag. I think that the products actually needs to come inside the bag, but in my box, that’s not the case. But I don’t mind.



Next, there is a card, with the products on, that are in the box. And off course the products, duh. I received 4 full size and 2 travel size products.



Left: Overview of the products.

Right: First, I got this “Garnier Skinactive Charcoal sheet mask”. It’s just a regular sheet mask, which is black and has Charcoal as main ingredient. I personally don’t use charcoal masks on my skin, because I find it to dry my skin out. But good thing, my sister, likes charcoal for her skin, so this mask goes to her.



Left: Is a Loving Blends Body Lotion from Garnier. I actually don’t really like “body lotions” on my skin, I find it tends to stick and I just don’t like it. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try it out. This Lotion is with maple juice and castor oil, and it’s for dry and rough skin. It smells so good.

Right: Is a travel size shower gel – soap free. This one is from Klorane. Personally I don’t know this brand, but again, it doesn’t keep me from trying a product.



Left: Is a Face Cream from “Bee Nature” this was the product I was most excited about. Because it’s an all natural Day/Night cream. I used it 2 times already and I already like it. I think it’s a product on water base, because it’s very watery and runs all over my hand when I first applied it on my face. It also smells very good.

Right: On the left side we have a “L’oreal Magic Mani Stick” this is a pen to correct you’re nail polish on the go. Now, for me this is my least favorite product in the box, because 1 I don’t use L’oreal nail polishes and 2 I don’t have the color nail polish that goes with this stick. So this one is a no for me.

And on the right side of the photo, is a travel size mudmask from Mudmasky, which I already tried and loved. To bad the full size product cost €69. But I really love this Detox mask.


Overview from the box and prices:

  • BeeNature face cream: I got full size (€18)
  • Klorane shower gel: I got travel size 75ml (Full size 100ml €6.99)
  • Mudmasky Detox: I got travel size 15ml (Full size 60ml €69)
  • L’oréal Magicmani: I got full size (€10)
  • Garnier Ultradoux Bodymilk: I got full size (€4.99)
  • Garnier Charcoal mask: I got full size (€2.99)


So, all in all, I’m very happy with this box and it’s products. And what’s in the box is a very good deal for only €20 a box.

Do you have a Box that you like or are subscribed too?


Love, Vanessa

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