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Book: Get Gorgeous: 21 Days to a More Beautiful, Confident You

Hello Cuties,

This book will change you’re life in only 21 days… Yes I know what you are thinking: “What? 21 days??” Well, it says that when you accept the challenge and do the 21 days, you’ll be more confident and that it makes you beautiful and happy.

It’s not that you can change your life in 21 days of course, that’s crazy, but being and feeling more confident, is something I can use at the moment, I kinda lost myself and I do want to feel more confident again and if the challenge also will make my happy, then it’s a bonus, right?

I will accept this challenge, because I’m curious what it will do to me, personally, in 21 days. And I also have this book for a long time now and I really like doing challenges, haha.

I will of course make a blogpost for each day so you guys can follow my “Get Gorgeous, 21 days challenge” along with me. It also comes with an hashtag for instagram, which is #beautychallenge21

I already looked into the hashtag on instagram and I also looked for blogposts on the web regarding this book and it’s challenges but I only found a handful of posts and they weren’t even finished, so they only posted maybe 1 to 5 days.

I really want to do all 21 days and make it an blogging and insta challenge, because I truly believe we all can use a challenge like this and gain some more confidence about oneself.

This book is to get the most out of yourself…

You are worth it, because you are unique. So, let’s do this… Let’s Get Gorgeous.

Love Vanessa xx

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