Autumn Tag 2018

Hello cuties,

I wanted to do a Autumn tag, so I was looking high and low for one I really liked. And then I found this tag on WeHeartIt on profile.

If you also love Autumn and tags, you may always take this one, and please do let me know because I would love to read you guys answers to these questions…

The questions:

  • Which, one thing, tells you that the fall season has begun? The weather!! Those colder, grey, rainy days, where you just want to curl up with some tea and a book or you want to go out in the cold all bundled up in a coat, scarf and cute hat 
  • Name three things you love about the fall season? The weather, I love colder weather. The fact that I can wear cute hats and scarfs and coats, yes I rather wear a lot of layers than just a summer dress. And also when it gets colder, I love that I can enjoy a book and/or a hot drink more.
  • Silent nights or windy ones? What do you love more about the fall season?  Hmm… I think both, depends on how I’m feeling actually.
  • Do you ever go hiking in autumn? If yes, how was the experience? Nope
  • Cold rain or heavy fog. What do you enjoy more? If I’m inside it would be the rain, but when I’m outside I rather be in the fog than in the cold rain.
  • What is your favorite scent for the fall season? The rain and freshly baked apple pie, hmm
  • Have you ever gone for apple picking? No 🙁
  • A Fall day or fall night. Which one looks more beautiful to you? A fall day, I don’t like going outside when it’s dark and in the night you can’t really see anything. So I love daytime, than I can see al the pretty colors of the changing leaves
  • What is your favorite autumn movie? I honestly don’t really watch movies, but I do can enjoy an animated movie with some tea and a cookie
  • What is the best way to enjoy the rain when it’s fall season? The best way, well for me that would be at night, when I’m cuddled up in my warm bed, listening to the sound of the rain and drifting of to sleep.
  • Wool sweaters or knit sweaters? What do you like to wear in the fall season? Knit sweater I guess, wool sweaters itch
  • What is your favorite fall color? Definitely Orange
  • Do you believe that autumn season should be the wedding season? I don’t know, I think all seasons can be wedding seasons
  • Fairy lights or candles? What is your choice for fall season? I love both, but I only use fairy lights because we have 5 cats, and my mom doesn’t trust them with candles.
  • What is your favorite drink in fall season? TEA of course, I have a lot of tea, but my favorite for fall is “forest fruits” tea.
  • Apple pie or Pumpkin Pie. What’s your favorite? Apple pie duuuh I loveeeeeee me some apple pie. Never had pumpkin pie but I don’t really care haha
  • Have you ever tried pumpkin carving? If yes, how was the experience? Nope
  • Which fashion trend do you prefer in the fall season? I don’t know, as long as I look cute and am comfy.
  • Do you like baking in the autumn season?  Yes, and guess what… Apple pie haha
  • October or November? What’s your favorite month of autumn? Both, as long as it’s colder and I can wear a coat and hat.
  • Which is your favorite song in the autumn? Don’t have an autumn song.
  • How much do you love to enjoy, the fire, in the fall season? Actually, now that I think about it, I never got to enjoy a real fire. Ok that’s going on my bucket list.
  • Do you enjoy feeling the cold air, or do you wrap up warm? I can enjoy the cold air, especially on my face. I’m weird, I know haha
  • What is your favorite thrifty activity in the fall?  I don’t know
  • Do you have any specific traditions to celebrate the fall season? No not really, when it’s cold enough to wear my warm coat it’s autumn season for me
  • In the fall, do you love traveling or do you enjoy the season at home? I’m always at home
  • What is your favorite food in the fall season? Apple pie haha no no I love soup
  • Are you more energetic during the autumn season, or more laid back? I get more energie in the colder seasons, warmer seasons make me weak and tired
  • How do you feel at the end of fall season? Then it means that it’s official Christmas season woohoo, I love both seasons. Fall and Winter for life.
  • Share your favorite quote related to the autumn. I have 2…  

Soooo, this were all the questions, I hope you liked them, I had so much fun answering them, I know I’ve been not posting so much, but I slowly getting better and I’m working on some new blogposts, so stay tuned, and have a lovely day/night.

Love Vanessa xx

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