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Get Gorgeous – Day 3: Making my mood board

First things first: “Merry Christmas”. Today is chapter 3 and that is all about mood boards. A mood board is also know as an inspiration board. I don’t have an actual inspiration board, but I use my We Heart It account for that. Everything I see on there that inspires me, I “heart” and that …

Beauty Challenge

Get Gorgeous – Day 2: Getting advice from the women who inspire me

For day 2 of the beauty 21 challenge, I need to take a look around me. Who inspires me? Who did I look up to, growing up? What did I learn from the people around me? A little bit of background information about me… Well, honestly growing up, I didn’t really have time to “look …

Beauty Challenge

Get Gorgeous – Day 1: Getting started

Hello, I finally have 2 weeks vacation from school! So I’m going to be blogging more, hopefully. I do have some photos ready for blogposts, but the lightning really sucks at the moment. I’m starting with this 21 day challenge, from the book Get Gorgeous. I took a long time to post this. But I …

Beauty Challenge

Book: Get Gorgeous: 21 Days to a More Beautiful, Confident You

Hello Cuties, This book will change you’re life in only 21 days… Yes I know what you are thinking: “What? 21 days??” Well, it says that when you accept the challenge and do the 21 days, you’ll be more confident and that it makes you beautiful and happy. It’s not that you can change your …

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